What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-trained independent entrepreneur who provides a myriad of business support services virtually via phone, fax and internet based technology to support and meet the growing needs of businesses worldwide.

Partnering with a VA reduces stress, protects cash flow, eliminates administrative hassles, and enables business people to find the success they originally set out to achieve.

A VA is your right-hand person helping you to succeed in your business. The irony is you may never meet your VA as odds are they live nowhere near you!

*Source: Virtual Assistant Networking Association Virtual Assistant Definition, The Largest Global Meeting Place Online for Aspiring and Successful Virtual Assistants

Do you need a Virtual Assistant?
 Do you spend too much time on administrative tasks?
 Do you need support but don’t want a full-time employee?
 Do you want to spend more time focusing on new business?
 Do you forget to return calls promptly?
Are you spending time and money training temporary help and then find out the
true meaning of “temp”?

If any of these sound familiar, then you can benefit from the services of

Red House Consulting.

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